garment care

Tips for caring for your handmade clothing, in no particular order of importance:

Hang clothing on wooden or padded hangers to prevent the "shoulder nipple" effect - you know, where the fabrics warps and sticks up from using a skinny wire hanger. No good!

Spot wash with warm soapy water, blot it clean and let it air dry. Save the machine wash for when the garment is truly ready for a deep clean.

Release yesterdays wrinkles by hanging your garment in the bathroom while you shower - that bit of steam is enough to relax the wrinkles!

Expect a bit of shrinking after the first wash and dry - our clothing has not been pre washed unless stated otherwise. Machine wash and dry will shrink the garment up to 3 inches in length, and marginally in width. After the first wash, you can expect minimal shrinking.

Linen eases wonderfully to the wearer. So if the pants feel tight when you first try them (or if you accidentally sent them through the drier!), it's all good. They will loosen up considerably.

The more you wear it, the less it wrinkles. Every wear and wash is essentially breaking in the flax fibres - it's a good thing!